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    The origin and development of convention and exhibition industry, an important manifestation of the progress of social civilization, can activate the commercial atmosphere of a city; gather wealth to a city from all over the world, and to make a city better known. They can right be called the accelerator of the development of modern economy. With the international economy becomes more circulated and specified, and because of the important roles both information and knowledge have been playing, it is increasingly demanding for the convention and exhibition industry to meet the latest demand. According to the modern enterprise regulations, relevant governments of the state and of Ningbo established Hixpo United Holding, an organic combination of Ningbo Hixpo Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd., Ningbo Hixpo Advertisement & Ceremony Service Co., Ltd., and Ningbo International Science & Technology Exchange Center. Our company, abundant in young but pragmatic employees with fascinating creativity, is able to host and undertake international exhibitions on economy and technology, and international exchange activities as well. Intelligence, resources and our brand are promoted in alliance, and our professional strength, vigorous operation and services are advancing forward because of union.
    Ningbo, the city where we are, is the birthplace of 7000-year-old Hemudu Culture, the origin of both the Silk Road on the sea and China Porcelain Road 1,000 years ago. 110 years ago, Ningbo was one of the five seaports opened to the outside world. Ningbo is an international port city, full of vigor, creativity, and boundless business opportunities. Now, we are in the 21st century, and Ningbo is one of those excellent tourism cities in China, the best city for foreign investment throughout China, one of Chinese famous historical and cultural cities, and one of the top 10 cities proficient in exhibition in China. While Ningbo only covers 1/1000 of the total land area in China, and has only 1/236 of the population in China, it contributes 1/60 of the GDP in China and 1/20 of the import and export volume.
    We insist in developing in a fast but steady pace, and our strategy is that we will keep one industry as our main business through various methods. We appreciate the human-oriented management and we have put it into actual practice. Innovations are encouraged and we are determined to promote our brand to a well-established status. We aim at gathering and sharing the Chinese civilization; bringing and enjoying international friendship. Our services include those like exhibition development, international communication and exchanges, exhibition project, convention and exhibition operation, design and printing, scientific and technological cooperation, advertising, etiquette and ceremony service, and enterprise planning and promotion. We are destined to launch win-win cooperation and serve our society with sincerity. The Yangtze River Delta District, where Ningbo is located, is a key area for a new round of development. Ningbo is endowed with large-scaled exhibition halls, and is able to carry out exhibitions due to our favorable arrangement and professional qualifications. Ningbo will be closely connected to other areas within the Yangtze River Delta District after the completion of the Bridge spanning the Sea of Hangzhou Bay in Ningbo. To choose Ningbo is to gain the whole Yangtze River Delta.
    Fabulous Ningbo, and vigorous Hixpo. Let’s create a beautiful future hand in hand!


Chairman of Hixpo United Holding: Yang Jie