More effective ways to be applied to attendee-inviting for the 17th IFFAIR

By Ms. Crystal Ying  2012/12/18


Written by Crystal Ying
The Attendee-inviting Dept. of the 17th Ningbo International Fashion Fair has worked out a detailed planning for attendee-inviting of the 17th IFFAIR, which aims at larger number and better quality of attendees.
The planning detailed 84 effective ways to invite 15 categories of attendees, including purchasers, agents, dealers and designers from the garment and fashion industries from all over the world under a TEN Ħ°ONEĦħS Discipline.
Besides, frequent visits to garment exhibitions, related associations, institutions and markets in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other influencing cities in the Yangtze River Delta will be made from March to August in 2013 so as to search for deeper and better cooperation on attendee-inviting.