Complete Success of the 16th FASHION NINGBO and IFFAIR

By Ms. Crystal Ying  2012/10/28

Written by Crystal Ying
On October 28, the 16th Fashion Ningbo and Ningbo International Fashion Fair, co-hosted by China National Textile and Apparel Council, China National Garment Association and Ningbo Municipal Peoples Government, came to a completely successful end in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. This years FASHION NINGBO and IFFAIR attract more than 10,000 professional buyers and an extra 100 important trading groups from exceeding 20 provinces, cities and districts in China and more than 50 overseas countries and districts, such as, the U.S.A., Italy, UK, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arab, UAE, India, etc. Attendee flow onsite during the 4-day exhibition reaches up to 60,000.
This session boasts 2,000 exhibition booths, covering all the 6 exhibition halls in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. There are mainly 6 exhibition areas, namely Brand Mens Wear, Fashionable Womens Wear, Kids Wear/ OEM Processing, Brand Sales, Textile/ Fabrics/ Garment Machinery, Brand Franchising/ Fashion Shows/ Textile Trend Release. Exhibits include garment, fashion accessories, garment machinery, textile, fabrics, fashion CAD. 387 Exhibitors, coming from not only China Mainland, but also Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Finland, Italy and the U.S.A., bring 335 fashion brands.
This session still focuses on the subject of Creative Ningbo & Oriental Fashion. A bunch of 18 fashion and garment related activities are held during this years FASHION NINGBO. They are IFFIAR, IFFAIR Global Sourcing Fair, China E-commerce Garment Sellers Assembly, China National Garment Dealers Meeting, Fashion Trend Releases, Rising Star Designers in Ningbo and Brand Fashion Shows, etc.
Industrial Subject Highlighted; International Flavor Enhanced
Someone released his online comments on Sina Micro-blogging after his visit to the 16th IFFAIR that when he retrospect the 1st session long ago, there are only a few famous brands in terms of Youngor, ShanShan, and that while for now, apart from those traditional fashion brands, we are able to see so many fashion brands like PeaceBird, GXG, ESBACK, Tonlion, Romon, Rouse, Yeeshow, HANP, FIOCCO, Dankeyun, Maxwin
Youngor majors in garment production. At this session, Youngor introduces brands in terms of YOUNGOR, HANP and GY. GY presents a fashion catwalk show as well. ShanShan focuses on its traditional western suits and a number of international brands like Smate and RENOMA. PeaceBird presents Led'in; GXG comes with One More; Tonline puts forth brands of Casual and Style And we have more like FIOCCO, ESBAKE, S&V, Mudoliy, Yeeshow, Chunyazi, ShanShan Kids, Alphabet, Pretty Tiger, Babilele, GabbyLoop
More international exhibitors and brands are exhibiting at IFFAIR as well this year. They are from Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. 20 brands from South Korea, including Larissa, attended the fair and hold a number of fashion shows for their fashion brands. Mr. COPPOLELLA, a famous Italian fashion designer hold his fashion show namedCOPPOLELLA 2013 Spring/ Fall Global Initiation, aiming at exploring the Asian market.
Mr. Zhou Xueming, Executive Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of FASHION NINGBO and Deputy Director of Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Commission, said that to be more internationalized is one of our endeavors in recent years. He said: All we are doing is to help those garment manufacturers to seek for international cooperation in terms of brand nurturing and fashion design so as to better reconstruct our developing system.
Creative Fashion & Effective Biz Activities
Fashion design accounts for the most when a produce wishes to have a fashion brand for itself. Thus, IFFAIR has been paying much attention to the development of the fashion design skills in Ningbo for a better and more prosperous development for garment production companies, as was said by Mr. Zhou Xueming.
Rising Star Designers in Ningbo has become one of the brand activities held during IFFAIR. This time, this activity brings more innovation. 10 fashion designers, named Wang Mijia, Huang Haibin, Chen Telan, Cai Yu, Yu Hanen, Tian Xiaotian, Duan Kuiyu and Tang Yan, not only release their original design pieces, but also have direct meetings with garment companies aiming at better promoting their fashion brands with fashion design innovation. Many garment companies, such as those from Italy, Spain, Australia and from provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui and Yunnan,  show great interest in their design factors and are willing to cooperate with them. As is introduced, in the first 2 days of the exhibition, fashion designer Wang Mijia won more than 20 clients who are interested in cooperating with her. Huang Haibin, who used to help design garments for entertainment stars, got 5 companies meeting with him for further detailed cooperation after the release of his personal design pieces. Besides, he is coming to Ningbo next year for a brand new fashion show subjected as Seamless.
As to the aspect of marketing exploring, exhibitors quite enjoy activities of China E-commerce Garment Sellers Assembly, China National Garment Dealers Meeting and IFFAIR Global Sourcing Fair, etc.
At the activity of China E-commerce Garment Sellers Assembly, we have successfully invited representatives from 26 nationally famous E-commerce companies to attend the Assembly. Among them, there are Taobao, 360Buy, DangDang, HC360, Red Baby and CGB China and so on. DangDang is determined to lay more offers for garment made in Ningbo and Red Baby shows more interest in kids wear made in Ningbo.
While at China National Garment Dealers Meeting, we find at present there are representatives from 30 famous department stores in China and more than 100 garment-dealing companies, such as Hualian Commercial, Wangfujin, Dashang Group and Aeon Stores, etc.
IFFAIR Global Sourcing Fair was held for 2 days on Oct. 25 and Oct. 27 respectively. 131 face-to-face meetings between buyers and exhibitors were held. 99 international buyers from Italy, Australia, Iran, Pakistan, and UAE, etc met with Kangnan, Jindianzi, Yubing, Fuhua and Jujin, etc.
Self-owned brands flourishing & commercial cooperation better promoted
Many self-owned brands such as GabbyLoop, DBI and 22ND exhibit at IFFAIR for the first time. They have won many purchase orders and institutions which are willing to be an agent for these brands.
Lipu County in Guangxi, a county of racks, introduces more than 30 companies to exhibit at IFFAIR. These racks are made of wood and cloth. They won great attention at the fair. They finally get 5 overseas purchase orders onsite. An extra 40 national companies, including Romon, are interested in their racks as well.
As the statistics show, Tonlion won 200 potential clients, Steve&Vivian up to 30 potential agents, Jiejiawen around 20 potential agents and 3 confirmative agents onsite, Yeeshow 30 agents, Chunyazi 15 and GabbyLoop 30 as well, China Fur Market, Mudoliy, and Baerni all around 10 potential agents respectively. DBI is to take more exhibit space in the coming year thanks to its popularity among visitors. Xindachang achieved national orders of 500,000 RMB, an order from Australia of 300,000 USD and another order from the UAE of 100,000 USD. Yongnan won orders of 500,000, 600,000 and 100,000 pieces of garments from national companies, Germany and South Korea. Giant Eagle got an order from the U.S.A. of 800,000 USD. So did Jujin. They got an order of 800,000 USD as well.
COPPOLELLA from Italy won great fame at IFFAIR as well. Mr. COPPOLELLA was even invited by Mr. Li Rucheng, Chairman of Youngor to pay to a visit to Youngor Group for further detailed cooperation. And Mr. Li is to accompany Mr. COPPOLELLA to visit stores opened by Youngor in Hangzhou and Nanjing. Mr. COPPOLELLA is quite satisfied with IFFAIR and said that they are to bring more fashion designers and their design pieces to attend IFFAIR next year. While the exhibitor group from South Korea, who has been participating in IFFAIR for many years, are to sign a cooperation contract for exhibition at the 17th IFFAIR.
And those rising E-commerce fashion brands, such as FUFW, Aite and Mudoliy are quite famous among visitors. And they encourage those who are interested in their garment to lay their orders online at their official websites.
And below is the brief info of the 17th IFFAIR in the coming year.
Time: 24 C 27 October 2013
Venue: Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center