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By Crystal Ying  2006/12/12


Hixpo United Holding is a non-governmental group composed of Hixpo Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd., Hixpo Advertisement & Ceremony Service Co., Ltd., and Ningbo International Science & Technology Exchange Center, the first two of which are companies set up in accordance with Modern Enterprise System and the last of which is a governmental section specialized in carrying out international exchanges, cooperation and services on economy, science and technology.
Hixpo Mainly specializes in exhibition developing, cooperation on science and technology, international exchanges, advertisement services, exhibition projects, ceremony services, exhibition operation, project planning and promotion, design and printing and so on.
It has been three years and a half ever since its opening and there are more than 40 employees in 15 departments, a big contrast to the original 7 employees in the Year 2001.
While at the same time, we have found a way suitable for the development of Hixpo after we learn and generalize from the past three-and-a-half experience under the leadership of Mr. Yang Jie, Chairman and General Manager of Hixpo. Till now, we Hixpo boast the fastest developing speed, the greatest influence and the most competitive in exhibition execution in Ningbo and Zhejiang Province as a whole. 
We Hixpo have already successfully introduced China International Housing and Furnishing Exposition, China Tourism Investment Symposium, fully participated in operation of China Food Products Exposition, and nurtured Ningbo Real Estate Exposition, Ningbo Contemporary Building & Decoration Material Exposition, Ningbo Secondhand House Exposition and so on.
During the three and a half year, the annual exhibition area claimed by Hixpo has risen to 75,000 m2, as compared to 13,000 m2 from the very beginning. It is such an amazing developing speed as we can see that no one except we Hixpo did it in such a short period of time.
All these achievements contribute to the 'Five Persistence' put forward and advocated Chairman Yang.

I. Persistence in the Mode of 'Marketing under Leadership of the Government'

Ever since opening of Hixpo United Holding, we insist that we shall introduce every possible factor, resources, and talents that are favorable to our execution of exhibitions and projects while integrating the industrial authority, local industrial strengths and the market together with the purpose of further developing cooperative relations with other ample exhibition resources so as to make we Hixpo more competent among exhibition executers.
Under the leadership of China National Council of Light Industry and Ningbo Municipal People's Government, we Hixpo carry CHFE out in a flexible way by helping connect thousands of exhibitors and visitors, and by advocating CHFE in media all over the world and so on. After 3-year's development, now more than 200,000 visitors including 12,000 professional purchasers paid a visit to CHFE, covering an area of 55,000 m2, and the estimated turnover added up to 2,576,000,000 RMB.

II. Persistence in a Fast Developing Strategy

Though exhibition industry develops later than that in Shanghai, we Hixpo persist in developing fast with great efforts and now we are catching those excellent ones up.
China International Housing and Furnishing Exposition and China Tourism Investment Symposium ranked 'The Most Influential Expo within the Industry'. China International Housing and Furnishing Exposition, China Tourism Investment Symposium and China Food Products Exposition were entitled 'Top 10 Expos' in Ningbo. While at the same time, Chairman Yang was entitled '2005 Excellent Entrepreneur of Exhibition Industry'. 

III. Persistence in Further Development of Exhibition Resources

Ever since we opened up Hixpo Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd, we decided to open another company so as to further develop the exhibition resources, and in July 2004, we set up Hixpo Advertisement & Ceremony Service Co., Ltd.

IV. Persistence in 'Human-oriented' Management Strategy

We Hixpo is always persistent in sincerity, pragmatism, innovation, and effectiveness and now we are proficient in exhibition planning, advocating, marketing, management, designing, project, international communications, e-commerce, market cooperation and so on, enabling us to carry out large-scale expos on our own.

V. Persistence in 'Nurturing Core Brand' Strategy

CHFE is the core brand we Hixpo are nurturing. It is an expo co-hosted by China National Council of Light Industry and Ningbo Municipal People's Government and wins itself the only national grandeur of international level in the housing and furnishing industry in China, which is to be held from Friday to next Monday annually right before Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) and after the traditional Chinese holiday---Tomb Sweeping Day. The expo covers products of real estate, building material, housing decorations, and household products, 80% of which are overseas brands. 
What's more, we have been applying for full member of UFI. Once we attain the full membership we would be the first UFI Member in Ningbo and Zhejiang Province as a whole.