Further Developing Four Orientations Strategy & Six Enhancement Concept

--- On The 5th China International Housing and Furnishing Exposition

By Crystal Ying  2006/5/12


The 5th China International Housing and Furnishing Exposition, co-hosted by China National Council of Light Industry and Ningbo Municipal People's Government, is due to be held from 6 to 9 in April in 2007. The very expo of international level within the housing and furnishing industry, CHFE for short, was first brought into existence in the Year 2002 in Beijing, in which relevant national sections, industrial associations and the whole society as a whole exerted a great effort while paying much attention to it. Later in April in the Year 2004, the 2nd CHFE was held was held in Ningbo after Ningbo won the bid to hold it among other 5 cities in China and Mr. Wang Shicheng, Vice Chairman of China National Council of Light Industry, wished that we can have a long term cooperation with each other between Beijing and Ningbo. Each year we witness a great progress of CHFE. Now CHFE is four years old and for the last few years a lot of brands of international fame have been coming for exhibition booths in CHFE, a great number of visitors both at home and abroad are willing to come to pay a visit, a large number of media have been covering CHFE in an all-round way, and a lot of distinguished foreign guests are deeply impressed by us. This year, Ms. Chen Ruowei, Vice Chairman of UFI (The International Association of Exhibition Industry) sent us a letter of thanks after her visit to the 4th CHFE. In the letter, she wished that there would be more and more expositions of high quality as CHFE is to be held in Ningbo.
With the four-year experience in hosting CHFE, we have developed a 'Four Orientations' Strategy and a 'Six Enhancement' Concept, which are essential and vital to development of CHFE.

---'Four Orientations' Strategy

    Brand Orientation
    Internationally Orientation
    Profession Orientation
    Effectiveness Orientation

---'Six Enhancement' Concept
-Enhancement I: Ever-enlarging Scale and Space

Since CHFE has developed into an expo of great fame and that more and more exhibitors are willing to attend, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center is no longer able to provide enough exhibition booths both indoors and outdoors. So, this year we found another exhibition place as a branch of CHFE and we now boast a total number of 3,000 booths.
-Enhancement II: Persistent Pursuit of Specially & Innovatively Effectiveness
CHFE covers all the places of the international convention and exhibition hall to display products of real estate, building materials, housing decorations and household products, all of which contributing to the whole housing and furnishing industry. What¡¯s more, the organizing committee of CHFE is in persistent pursuit of specially & innovatively effectiveness in terms of layout of exhibition booths, asking every exhibitor to pay attention to environment-friendliness, energy and resource saving, innovation and effectiveness. 
-Enhancement III: Ever-increasing Internationalization
Bearing in mind that CHFE is supposed to step into the world while making itself the best in China within the housing and furnishing industry, we organizing committee is actively promoting our exchanges and cooperation with other housing and furnishing expos of international fame throughout the world. We are now striving for coming of groups of international enterprises to attend the 5th CHFE either as visitors or exhibitors so as to make CHFE able to live up to its international fame.
-Enhancement IV: Ever-expanding & Integration of Well-known Expos
After we have successfully integrated 'Ningbo Real Estate Exposition', and 'Ningbo Contemporary Architectural & Decoration Material Exposition' into CHFE and initiated 'Ningbo Second-hand House Exposition', we are now paying much attention to another three expos we have initiated, namely 'China (Ningbo) Furniture Exposition', 'China (Ningbo) Textile Exposition' and 'China Leather Protection Industry Exposition', the first of which is to be held from 6 to 9 in July 2007 and the last two of which are to be held simultaneously with CHFE from 6 to 9 in April 2007.
-Enhancement V: Ever-perfecting Exhibition Services
We provide a variety of exhibition services to exhibitors, purchasers and visitors as well in terms of 24-hour hotline and sunshine service center and so on. What¡¯s more, we have set up a team proficient in holding and advocating expositions. For example, a team from the Purchaser-inviting Department is aiming at inviting more purchasers both at home and abroad to attend CHFE; a team from the E-commerce Department is providing a strong basis for online advertisements; a team from the Publicity Department is making CHFE a household name and a team from the Market-cooperation Department is helping make interactions between the very expo and other relative industries.
-Enhancement VI: Ever-perfecting Exhibition Operation & Service System
In terms with the exhibition development trend throughout the world, we have initiated the China Housing and Furnishing Industry Union (CHFU) in April this year through invitation of intermediate organizations, governmental sections and enterprises relevant to the housing and furnishing industry. CHFU aims at effective services on the basis of well-developed exhibitors and relative industrial associations for sharing of the latest industrial information. 

'Eight Honors'
Honor I: An Expo with the Longest History
Honor II: An Expo of the Largest Scale
Honor III: An Expo of the Most Famous Brand
Honor IV: An Expo of the Most Favorable Service
Honor V: The Most Effective Expo
Honor VI: The Most Overwhelming Expo
Honor VII: The Most Informative Expo
Honor VIII: The Most Influential Expo

Convincing Numbers
Wherever you are, you are sure to find deeply impressing advertisements and coverage on China International Housing and Furnishing Exposition in an all-round way. CHFE, a household name in Ningbo, is of great influence in the housing and furnishing industry. Coverage on it is ever expanding in the right direction. With its influence increasing, CHFE is claiming its great value in the housing and furnishing exposition.

80 cities involved
200 global media interactions
260 pages of newspaper coverage
3,000 advertisements on transportation vehicles
4,000 advertisements on standing booths
6,000 minutes¡¯ radio news coverage
120,000 professional purchasers
750,000 visitors
800,000 words of coverage in global news resources
1,000,000 distributions of printed materials
1,500,000 pieces of online news