Highlights on CHFE

By Crystal Ying,Ms. Crystal Ying  2006/11/28

2,800 Exhibition Booths
Covering an Integrated Chain of Home Living Products

    All the 2,800 exhibition booths, available in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center during the 4th CHFE, contributed to the display of an integrated chain of products in the housing and furnishing industry, including real estate, building materials, housing decoration, and household appliances. It is up to the international standard as is proved by the fact that a large number of exhibitors on CHFE were those well-known enterprises specialized in production of famous brands, often of large scale, such as China Overseas Property, Greentown Real Estate Group, CANHIGH Group from the real estate industry; KOHLER, EVERPURE, MOEN, and ROCA from the housing decoration industry, and Hong Kong Meilin Furniture, NNH Woods and so on from the home furniture industry. 
Summit Forums
Enjoying a Grand Feast of the Latest Industrial Concepts

    For each session in the past few years, we were sure to find that there were a number of summit forums held relevant to the latest development in the housing and furnishing industry. For example, in last session we held two summit forums, namely Forum on Macro-Economy & Development Trend of Real Estate Industry and Forum on How to Build a Energy-Saving and Environment-Friendly Society, during which Doctor Fan Gang, a famous economist in China, and Ye Zuda, Chairman of Hong Kong Planning Association, gave their respective speeches, bringing us a feast of the latest trend and newly-emerged industrial concepts.
Full Interactions
Benefiting a lot From the Establishment of CHFU

    On April 8, 2006, China Housing and Furnishing Industry Union, CHFU for short, was established with its opening session held in Portman Plaza Hotel. Members of CHFU are composed of exhibitors, purchasers, industrial associations, media and consultancy associations of the housing and furnishing industry with the purpose of promoting active interactions within the whole industry.
Great Conveniences
Presenting a Carnival for the General Public

    During CHFE, Sunshine Service Centers were specially put up, proving services for the public in terms of intelligence property, tell of quality of goods, and so on. And the general public was quite satisfied with what we helped them figure out what they were wondering.
Combination of Public Needs & CHFE
Carrying Out Researches on Needs for Real Estate

    As is reported, more than 200,000 visitors, including 12,000 professional purchasers both at home and abroad participated in the 3rd CHFE. And we made a random research on public needs for real estate among those participants, and all the statistics we got then were first-hand materials for analysis and research of the real estate industry, for it revealed the latest development of the real estate industry.