Highway Ad. for the 11th CHFE  [2012/12/3]
   The 9th CHFE won silver medal  [2012/7/31]
   Dayou Flooring won great fame at the 10th CHFE  [2012/7/23]
   CHFE's Micro-blogging draws great attention on Sina  [2012/7/18]
   The 10th CHFE Summer Session advertised at Soufun.com  [2012/7/17]
   Exhibitors from Vietnam and Pakistan benefit a lot from the 10th CHFE  [2012/7/8]
   Still a lot of visitors onsite on the 3rd day of the 10th CHFE Summer Session  [2012/7/8]
   The 10th CHFE Summer Session convened today  [2012/7/6]
   Press Release of the 10th CHFE  [2012/7/5]
   Hot in Real Estate Hall  [2012/4/15]
   The 10th CHFE opened today  [2012/4/13]
   The 8th CHFE Summer coming to a close today  [2010/7/12]
   The 8th CHFE Summer convenes today  [2010/7/9]
   Press conference for the 8th CHFE Summer convenes today  [2010/7/8]
   CHFE listed as Excellent Expo for the Light Industry  [2010/4/29]
   Pakistan's success at the 8th CHFE  [2010/4/16]
   To witness 600 exhibitors in 8 halls at CHFE  [2010/3/13]
   CHFE earned the honor of "Top 10 Brand Expos 2009"  [2010/2/1]
   CHFE got the Official Remark  [2010/1/6]
   The 7th CHFE Summer - Furniture Exposition opens today  [2009/7/3]
   The 7th CHFE opens today  [2009/4/10]
   Memory Touch from Hong Kong to be on CHFE  [2009/3/6]
   Various ways adopted to attract overseas exhibitors  [2009/3/3]
   International level of CHFE enhanced  [2009/2/24]
   Overseas visitors pay close attention to CHFE  [2009/2/2]
   Vietnam's Active Participation in CHFE  [2009/1/22]
   The 32nd CHFE News Express issued  [2009/1/16]
   On Major Exhibitors  [2009/1/5]
   RICA¡¯s Coming Again  [2008/12/2]
   CHFE in 10 Languages  [2008/11/28]
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