Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  [2012/12/21]
   More effective ways to be applied to attendee-inviting for the 17th IFFAIR  [2012/12/18]
   Review of the 16th IFFAIR on China Textile  [2012/12/4]
   Innovation for Industrial Escalation  [2012/12/3]
   Oriental Fashion Creative Ningbo  [2012/12/3]
   Highway Ad. for the 11th CHFE  [2012/12/3]
   9 apparel and textile companies in Ningbo won national support from MITT and CNTAC  [2012/11/29]
   ¡°Hong Band Tailors¡± dedicated to China Garment City  [2012/11/28]
   Review of the 16th IFFAIR on China Textile Nov.2012 version  [2012/11/27]
   IFFAIR 2013 INVITATION  [2012/11/23]
   IFFAIR Conclusion and Appraisal Meeting held  [2012/11/13]
   Complete Success of the 16th FASHION NINGBO and IFFAIR  [2012/10/28]
   Domestic & Overseas Buyers at IFFAIR on Oct. 25  [2012/10/25]
   China E-commerce Garment Sellers¡¯ Assembly held at IFFAIR  [2012/10/25]
   Warming Performances at the Opening Ceremony of FASHION NINGBO and IFFAIR  [2012/10/25]
   Opening Ceremony of FASHION NINGBO and IFFAIR  [2012/10/25]
   China Garment Forum 2012 held at IFFAIR  [2012/10/25]
   The 16th FASHION NINGBO Press Conference held  [2012/10/24]
   A glimpse at IFFAIR 1 day before opening  [2012/10/24]
   IFFAIR Welcome Dinner at Shangri-La Ningbo  [2012/10/24]
   3rd IFFAIR Global Sourcing Fair coming this October  [2012/8/22]
   The 9th CHFE won silver medal  [2012/7/31]
   Dayou Flooring won great fame at the 10th CHFE  [2012/7/23]
   CHFE's Micro-blogging draws great attention on Sina  [2012/7/18]
   The 10th CHFE Summer Session advertised at  [2012/7/17]
   Exhibitors from Vietnam and Pakistan benefit a lot from the 10th CHFE  [2012/7/8]
   Still a lot of visitors onsite on the 3rd day of the 10th CHFE Summer Session  [2012/7/8]
   The 10th CHFE Summer Session convened today  [2012/7/6]
   Press Release of the 10th CHFE  [2012/7/5]
   Hot in Real Estate Hall  [2012/4/15]
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